Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail

A Fond Farewell

There are twenty different stories in “Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail.”  Some “Frieda and Freddie, her everyday  steady,” Senator Crackerbarrel” “The Mighty Curmudgeon,” “Occupying Sesame Street” and “Tiny at the Bat,” were all experiments.  They were written years ago  Although I do not have any memory of writing  “Senator Crackerbarrel, ” I must have been reading “A Cat in the Hat,” to get the rhyme pattern.  “Tiny at the Bat” is a clear parody of “Casey at the Bat.” Eventually I moved away from trying to be Dr. Seuss, (Nobody else can be that good) and wrote in my own style.

I have Parkinson’s Disease. A few years ago, going through a depression, I did something completely different than I ever had before.  I wrote my own poetic eulogy .  I called myself Henry Smith. I liked the way that it came out and started to write Eulogies about folks that I know. Originally, I was going to try top compile them into a book. The book would tell about this fictional town through it’s[poietic eulogies of the citizens.  I wrote 8 of them and stopped.

“A Fond Farewell” was not icluded in the original draft of this book, but I changed my mind. In the original draft of this book, I had included a few “Non rhythmic” stories.   Except for a short play called “God’s Will”everything else in the book is rhythmic.

I won’t put all 8 eulogies in here , but since I have revealed Henry Smith, I will show you that eulogy.




Come and listen to the eulogy
of the late great Henry Smith.
Henry’s entertaining lunacy
is more than just a myth.
His stories and his jokes
all his friends would laugh and say
let us bring the folks
to Henry’s house this day.
There was always entertainment,
it was great to be his guest
Merriment without payment
jokes and songs, all in jest.
I am sure you heard the tale before
The story’s not so new.
But even if I tend to bore
please stay a moment or two.
I know Henry’s tale is not unique
you might even call it trite.
Please hear me out before you critique,
And go out for a bite.

Henry would say a story should be told
with hands and affectation.
The Storyteller must up tall and bold
and clear in his narration.

Henry’s face was always straight.
Some strangely took him seriously.
And for the times that he’d translate
he they acted quite deliriously.

Wanting someone to make him smile
and not always be the clown.
Take a respite for a while,
and remove that constant frown.

But no one recognized the pain,
that came from his anger and his rage.
Caused by that never-ending strain
Of always being on the stage.

I haven’t seen him in 10 years
I wonder where he went.
I heard he wiped away the tears,
the pain and the torment.

And although I missed the clown
It seems he found release.
I also heard he lost the frown
And was finally at Peace

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