Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail

About Curmudgeons…


The book is just wrapping up,.  In the next few weeks, I will give you an introduction to the menagerie of characters.

I like words.  Certain  words more than others Umbrage, Gumption, Iota, Sesquipedalian and of course Curmudgeons,  Conundrums and Druthers. I use these words for one or more characters. “The Mighty Curmudgeon,” for example is the most unlikely superhero that you will ever find (ok Antman may give him some competition).   What superpower does this Superhero have? He can out complain anybody.  Complain is not a strong .  enough word.  He is the greatest “Kvetcher” in the world.

You know him, that guy who is never happy, and hates the fact that anyone else is happy.

The Mighty Curmudgeon Now Superman can fly, and Spiderman can climb.
But the Curmudgeon just feels that that’s a waste of his time.
“Why should I fly,
when on TWA
The Fontainebleau is just
two hours away.”

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